She Reported Him For Domestic Violence; Now She's Dead

Did She Commit Suicide? Or Did He Kill Her?

Common tactics used by abusive police officers include the officer stating that the victim is suicidal or that she threatened to hurt herself or her children. They do this in an attempt to discredit the victim in the event she reports the abuse. Even worse, the officer may state that his intimate partner committed suicide when in reality he killed her. We have seen this time and time again.
The Lautenberg Amendment states anyone arrested for domestic violence cannot possess a gun. The officer’s guns should have been removed from the home and his possession. This was 100% preventable. Then he returned to the home? Why? They issue no-contact orders in domestic violence cases until the court states otherwise, for this very reason It is a cooling off period between parties, and to ensure victim safety. 

Michigan: Farmington Hills police officer accused of domestic violence, firing gun, stalking another officer

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