Stalking and Harassment

Stalking and Harassment by Law Enforcement

Written by Victoria Marion

Abusive cops will utilize departmental assets, such as squad cars to stalk and harass victims, the victim's friends and family. The offender and his brothers/sisters in blue will follow the victim in their police cars to instill fear and to intimidate their target.

In this video, the victim of officer-involved domestic violence, installed cameras on her house, and car to prove the stalking and harassment. This was during a time when most people did not have home surveillance cameras, and technology was not as sophisticated as it is today.

Victims of police abuse have to rely on witnesses, and other visual proof in order to receive any kind of response from law enforcement. The abuser will paint a very distorted view of the victim, in an attempt to discredit them.

This video clip is from the victim in The Blue Wall of Silence 

Connecting the Dots - recognizing and Responding to Stalking