Police Accountability, Oversight, and Integrity

Written by Victoria Marion

Accountability is defined as a system of internal and external checks and balances aimed at ensuring that police carry out their duties properly and are held responsible if they fail to do so. Such a system is meant to uphold police integrity and deter misconduct and to restore or enhance public confidence in policing. Police integrity refers to normative and other safeguards that keep police from misusing their powers and abusing their rights and privileges (United Nations Handbook on Police Accountability, Oversight, and Integrity 2011).

When leadership in police agencies uphold police integrity and enforce laws and policies related to domestic violence, we will see a reduction in police perpetrated domestic violence. They will no longer have the backing of the police agency, which is seen in many police abuse cases. Things are changing. Leadership is where it begins. 

I loved the statement made by the Sheriff in this video "I will continue to put on handcuffs until they get the message." 

Video: The sheriff's deputy for domestic violence is first for BCSO in 2020