Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence 

            Written by Victoria Marion
Probably one of the most difficult suggestions is to ask a police officer to break the silence among what is known as “The Blue Wall”. The blue wall is a result of the solidarity among law enforcement. From the very beginning, police officers are taught to “have each other’s backs” as a safety measure.  Research has found that the unity among law enforcement goes beyond the job and many officers feel obligated to protect their fellow officers even when they are aware of wrongdoing. This is an area that needs to be addressed and enforced by the law enforcement community.

Individual Psychotherapy and Monitoring

The criminal justice system has recommended anger management as an intervention measure among domestic batterers. The foundation of domestic violence is not about anger, it is about control. Domestic violence continues to grow in epidemic proportions as a result of a lack of knowledge and interventions on the topic. Anger is a result of a loss of that control and anger management can aid the abuser in alternatives to violence; however, it is the underlying psychopathology of the individual officer that should be reviewed.  Additionally, everyone is unique and will deal with stress in different ways; therefore individual personality, circumstances, years on the police force, personal coping skills, support systems, the magnitude of the stressful events, overall occupational duties, and uniqueness of the police organization will all have an impact on the individual's overall stress levels and well-being.
In addition to these factors, interventions and treating the police batterer should include an individualistic approach to include the individual officers biopsychosocial makeup, physical condition, disability (if applicable), mental health, medications (if any), an understanding of the officers current coping skills, and cultural beliefs and attitudes (including police culture and attitudes should be examined).
            Domestic violence by police officers remains a pervasive problem within society and among the law enforcement community. The literature has revealed that individual personality traits, the lack of empirical evidenced-based practice and coaching before and during pre-employment evaluations, offer skewed and invalid data to the psychology and law enforcement community.  Skewed results and questions remain as to whether police officers are being hired as a result of being among those who have not been “weeded out” among the selection process and are among the truly “good officers” who are victims of occupational stress and hazards; or are psychopaths who have conned their way through the system remains in question.
Dr. Frank Ochberg shares the opinion of many psychology experts. He believes that psychopaths often used interchangeably with Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) are human predators with absolutely no empathy for others, no desire to conform to social norms. It is suggested that psychopaths have no conscious and psychopathy has nothing to do with being out of touch with reality or being psychotic.
These individuals are responsible for their deeds and wrongdoings.  A well-renowned expert in psychology, Dr. Frank Ochberg believes that the only treatment for psychopaths is to catch them and to convict them and to let them age in isolation. He also states that there are psychology professionals who claim that they have been successful in behavioral modification or psychoanalysis; however, Dr. Ochberg believes that applying the usual psychiatric and psychological techniques only make a psychopath a better psychopath.  Psychopaths learn to fool others; how to pretend to have feelings of concern in order to get what they want and to appease the criminal justice system.
            Community awareness, breaking the silence among victims, their families, and within the law enforcement community will aid in the reduction and prevalence of domestic violence by police officers. Additionally, individual psychotherapy can support the perpetrator in gaining new behavioral concepts as it relates to their need to control and believe that the world is an unsafe place as a result of the profession can help in the suspicion that police officers are often faced with. Finally, cooperation from the police administration, breaking the code of silence and solidarity among the profession, availability of resources for the victim, and community awareness will serve to reduce and expectantly cease domestic violence by police offices. 

The book: The Blue Wall of Silence: Secrets Revealed Behind Police Abuse and Corruption 

 The Blue Wall of Silence

The Blue Wall of Silence is based on a true story of one woman's incredible journey into and through the "Blue Wall of Silence" that exists only when the abuser is a police officer. She meets and deals with the police family that extends further than one can ever imagine. The abuse of power that exists within the police network can bring total devastation to their victims. Quinn reveals the many tactics used by police who abuse their intimate partners. 
Police abuse, like no other abuse, can have you stripped of your freedom, liberties, and violate your civil rights. The blue wall reaches far into the criminal justice system, and into high levels of government and politics. 
The author brings you into the world of what goes on behind the walls of police corruption, and into the mind of a victim of domestic and sexual violence. The Jaw-dropping suspense will take your breath away as you watch the many abuses of power perpetrated against her by the very people who are supposed to protect her, the police. Reporting the abuse lads her to further victimization and with nowhere to turn. 
TRIGGER WARNING! This book contains domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault and violence, and strong violence which may be disturbing to some individuals.



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