Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence

 Domestic Abuse and Cruelty to Animals

Written by Victoria Marion

In this domestic violence story, the police officer who was arrested for domestic violence was also arrested for cruelty to animals. Cruelty to animals, domestic violence, and harming others go hand in hand. In fact, it is a trait of a sociopath/psychopaths. It is also used as a manipulation and control tactic to get victims to comply with the abuser. 

          Animal cruelty has been linked to domestic violence, child abuse, and harming others. Abusers will use threats, or physical abuse to harm animals as a tool to make the victim comply. Another way that abusers use animals as a tool, is knowing that the victim will not leave their beloved animal behind if they choose to leave. If the victim has no resources to leave, such as nowhere to go, or has no money to leave, then she may go to a shelter. This poses a barrier since most domestic violence, or homeless shelters do not accept animals. The abuser knows this and uses it as a tactic to keep the victim trapped in the abusive relationship. Victims don’t want to leave the animals behind. The first barrier may be that they have nowhere to take the animal. Another includes fear of not knowing what is going to happen to the animal if they leave the animal behind.

Reducing the barrier when it comes to pets in domestic violence environments is vital. People are stepping up more now than ever. Veterinarians, animal shelters, and programs in some states are beginning to resolve this barrier by bridging the gap and making a gateway to leaving the abusive relationship, keeping victims, their children, and their animals together.